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News: Fixed/Changes
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God Adin
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thank you to all players players who were at the start of the server. It's 3 days of fun and games at! I hope you will like our server and stay with us forever!

# fixed loot from: Hunter, Black Knight,
# date and time on the page is now correct,
# fixed attack of invisible players attacked by monsters (Draken Elite, Draken Abomination),
# fixed some bug on map,

# normal spears don't break,
# daily reward is from 30 lvl,
# now you can charm runes without blank runes,
# added missing items to npc for sale,
# changes in tasks
# on trainers, stamina grows faster. 2 minutes online gives you 1 minute of endurance,
# slingshot has a better chance of getting hit,

Thank you for your great cooperation and understanding! thanks to you the server will get better!
And we are coming back soon with new ideas and we are waiting for your suggestions.
Good luck and have fun!


02.05.20 02:53:16
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on 02.05.20 02:59:37
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